The production of specialty cables for a wide range of end markets and customers in among others Germany and Italy, delivered from our production facility in Italy.

CCG specializes in the production of low voltage flexible cables for industrial applications. The advanced technology and quality control procedures, carried out by highly qualified personnel attentive to the needs of our customers, have won the trust of many companies throughout Europe.

CCG is able to produce cables for a wide domain. Cables produced range from 0,14 mm2 to 240 mm2 and 2 to 65 internal conductors. For its insulations and sheaths six options are available: PVC, HF, PUR, TPE, PE and XLPE. We have choices of work voltages of 300/300, 300/500, 450/750 or 600/1000. Its operating temperatures can range from -60 ⁰C to +105 ⁰C. There are seven available versions: unshielded, shielded copper braid, shielded strips, armored steel, composite cables, extra flexible cables and cables on customer specification. In addition, we are able to produce according to a very wide range of certifications including IMQ, IMQ <HAR>, VDE, TÜV and UL/CSA, as well as RoHS and REACH compliance.

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